When Art runs on a thread


“Looking at Leda Ratti’s fabric is not enough.

It has to be touched in order to understand the meaning of its soul.

For almost 40 years, Leda Ratti’s fabric has told the story of her creative pathway in her working life. This pathway is full of experience, research and it is charged with unlimited exploration that has allowed her to profoundly learn about materials, it has also permitted her to work with fabric in order to accentuate the characteristics without empathizing them too much.

Her pieces of clothing, being spontaneously elegant, give the expression of a harmonious combination of preciousness, simplicity, accurate work and great patience.

In a standardized world, Leda Ratti’s creations stand out due to their originality as an intimate expression of human kind.”

Maria Pirisi



Contact me:

Via Bocarello 14, 6517 Arbedo // Sentée dal Ragn 4, 6574 Vira Gambarogno, Ticino, Switzerland

079 468 35 19